Dedicated Government Relations

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By liaising with influential figures from State institutions, analysing, together with them, the economic and political situation in Ukraine, we are able to verifiably estimate risks and benefits of your current position from the standpoint of development forecasts. We can also assess possibilities of changes in the political environment and hence, their potential impact on your interests.




We make ample use of a variety of printed and electronic media to monitor specifics of national economic companies stop in Ukraine. Unlike many others, we offer support of the whole decision-making process on different levels of government machinery hierarchy, always in control and able to correct it as necessary regardless of the phase it is currently through.

We can offer you excellent advise in how to approach the market and on lawmakers. We believe our channels to members of the political elite will enable us to show you in the best light as quickly and effectively as possible with the purpose of a prompt conclusion. We are an indispensable source of advice for those needing to make sense of the rather complex and Ukraine. Whether it be local law or parliamentary acts our ongoing monitoring of legislative changes coupled with a keen consideration of your interests will make us an invaluable tool what objectively evaluating all the risks and benefits for your business development projects.



We have a proven track record in defining the corporate image needed for your business in Ukraine. Our local ‘eye’ and client-history makes us feel confident in predicting both public and government opinion.

We will carefully tackle each specific task to identify influential figures of importance for you and their likely opinions regarding the issue at hand. СЕС-Ukraine will ensure that only the best exit to support and implement your initiatives at all level needed to achieve success. Our brief is to create an environment that is beneficial to our client’s interest.


The media are important for political figures and for businesspersons alike. Our deep understanding of current political developments allows us to successfully merge them with your needs by providing the media coverage necessary for raising your public profile. Thus increasing your prospects within Ukrainian published circles.