Dedicated Government Relations

why do you need us?

​СЕС-Ukraine’s mission is about minimising red tape whilst simultaneously protecting our clients’ best interests. Recognising the business-related needs of investors, we forecast and assess the real nature of the political and red tape involved, helping the investors to work their way through it. We create strategies that bring together market advantages for our customer with measures to improve their corporate reputation. We will assist you in setting up dialogue with Ukrainian figures of influence both at executive and local levels. All of this is achieved in accordance with transparent Western corporate standards and practice. An in-depth understanding Governmental Ukrainian working practice allows СЕС-Ukraine not to limit its work to only influential figures but also work-out a solution itself if that is a problem. This is the point where most consulting companies stop in Ukraine. Unlike many others, we offer support during the whole decision-making process at different levels of government. We aim to be always in control and able to correct the process if necessary regardless of the phase the investor is currently at.

our history


Following the set-up of CEC company group in London in 1991, CEC-Ukraine was established by Oleksandr Lengauer in 1996 to continue the companies original brief: to help and advise foreign investors in the emerging markets that once formed the Soviet Union. After the group reorganization in 2005, СЕС-Ukraine has operated as an independent agency




what we are?


Our professional advisers work primarily in the field of legislation (Cabinet of Ministry & Parliament), acting as consultants during the passage of various acts & decrees through the stages of Government and working alongside the chief executive, the President of Ukraine. Particular attention has been paid to the development of a legislative framework on fiscal issues, freedom of speech, e-media, internet and advertising. We have been involved in the government regulation of many economy sectors. Most lately we have been involved in Ukraine’s pension reform programme.